Israeli Military & Secret Services Orphans' Organization was founded in 2000.  The Association is a non- profitable organization, acknowledged by the charity secretary, with its goal to bring support and assistance to more than 9,236 military orphans. All its activities are carried out voluntarily by military orphans, and bear no government support. In 2004 the association received tax relief approval (section 46 of the tax law).

The Organization was originally founded due to ample data that kept emerging from the "field" through the orphans themselves. This data attested to a lot of misunderstanding and lack of attendance to their specific needs and distress, to an ongoing discrimination of this population in relation to other members of bereaved families (widows and parents) and to the urgent need for a proper and decent representation for the IDF orphan population as such by an independent organization which is solely involved and which specializes in this field.

Our main goals are:

1. To provide a legitimate point of contact for the orphans in Israel, and to attend to their unique needs.

2. To act towards recognition of their unique status and rights, in order to provide appropriate platform to answer to all their needs.

3. To promote the change of law which currently discriminate this population.

4. To represent the sons and daughters of the deceased when dealing with the Ministry of Defense and other government offices.

5. To act towards receiving rehabilitation platforms without age constraint. This due to the fact that professional and practical data attests to a life long psychological impact of the loss of one's parent, especially so when that loss occurs in early formative years.

6. To assist in improving the governmental rehabilitation facilities through ongoing dialogue and cooperation.

7. To act towards strengthening and deepening the mutual support among the orphans themselves.

For these goals, the Organization works in various arenas, to include the parliamentary, the ministerial, the legal, the public, the personal and the media.

The basis of our struggle is of a value nature. It is an endeavor to make our government better aware of its national obligation to the orphans of the IDF, and support it with practical actions, a struggle between the individuals who lost their father's for the defense and safety of our country and the political stream which is reluctant to do so. Further, we see our struggle as one based on the democratic right for the freedom to be organized as a distinctive group and recognized as such, as well as a struggle for equality; values that we strongly believe should be honored and followed in any democratic society.

Our struggle continues, and we hope that gradually, it will  bear fruits, as well as endow us with necessary solid resources, to help us to assist those in need. Nevertheless, nowadays when Israel fights for its survival, when boys and girls loose their fathers in the battle field, and when traumas are revived and re- lived within those who have lost their fathers in the past as well, we are faced with a significant increase in distress amongst this population.. We are acting to the best of our abilities and available resources, sometimes provided by ourselves, but are in need for financial aid. We, therefore, and apply to your understanding, kindness and generosity.

We pay no salaries, all our work is voluntary!

Now it is in your hands. Please help us to help them – they surely need us.

Bank account: Bank Hapoalim, Lev Dizengof Branch no#681  Acc No: 366664

50 Dizengof St.  Tel-Aviv

Adi Caspi, Chairman

Israeli Military & Secret Services Orphans' Organization

32 Dizengof St, Tel Aviv 64332, Israel

Tel: +972-3-525 4978

Fax: +972-3-525 5514

Mobile: +972-52-251 55 00

Email: adicaspi@actcom.net.il